Thursday, February 06, 2014

DAMN You, Polar Vortex!

It's back.  And it's making my birdies cold.

Nothing like flamingos in the snow, eh?  You'll note they've adopted their winter-white plumage in order to avoid the fierce predators Reapers in the area.  Oh, yeah... there's a light dusting o' snow, too.  I have no ideer how much we actually GOT coz what you see is what was left at noon-thirty when I opened the blinds.

And it's cold... did I mention that?  And you might say "Well, how cold IS it, Buck?"  Record-breaking cold:

We need to keep things in perspective, though.  Record-breaking low temps here on THPoNM is just another day elsewhere.  So we have our perspective but that doesn't mean we have to LIKE it.

In other news... we're sleeping very well of late, too well, actually.  We poured our first cup at 1235 hrs today and we feel like a right slacker, we do.  But... as long as we're on about perspective... we must consider the fact we didn't go to bed until shortly before 0400 hrs this morning.  So, we had just over eight hours of beauty rest, which did not a thing for our actual beauty.


  1. Hey, no need to apologize. 5 is cold anywhere.

  2. And to think that I thought 12 was cold! I'm looking at snow as I type. What a difference a year makes!

  3. I have been at the Quarry at Pedernal in snow above my knees and single digit temps working my ballast train..........Those High Plains are at almost 7,000 feet from 3,600 or so at Clovis......................I had to quit at noon on a New Year's Day as I could not feel my toes..............

    1. Yeah, there's a helluva difference between 4,000 feet and 7,000. I know!


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