Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Few Things

There's this, to begin with...

I suppose that's better than the boy setting himself on fire for his swan song.  Or not.

From the Usual USAF Source... just another day at the office.

B-52H radar navigator Capt. Zachary Proano (left) and navigator Capt. Andrew Parlsen work at their stations during a training mission dropping live ordnance over the Nevada Test and Training Range, Feb. 11, 2014. They are members of the 23rd Bomb Squadron at Minot AFB, N.D. (Air Force photo by SSgt. Jonathan Snyder)

You can't be claustrophobic to work in that environment, eh?

In other news... I was graced with a visit from two of my oldest and dearest friends yesterday... Bernice and Ed... who stopped in on their way to Colorado for their annual ski vacation.  Ed and I were radar team mates at Yokota AB back in the mid-'70s and we tore up a lot o' territory around the Pacific Rim during the two years I was stationed there.  Bernice baby-sat The Second Mrs. Pennington (who was my intended and not yet my wife at that time) while Ed and I were off in exotic places fixing or installing radar and performing quality assurance inspections on various watering holes as part of our additional duties.  E&B also facilitated my introduction to TSMP... I first laid eyes on the woman when she walked into Bernice's living room back in August of 1975.  I don't hold that against them, though.

We went out to dinner last evening and returned directly to El Casa Inmóvil De Pennington for more conversation and lotsa laughs.  E&B said goodnight around 2130 hrs and left for their room at the Cannon Airplane Patch TLQ, proving that old age has indeed caught up with us.  We just ain't quite the party animals we used to be.  Me?  I was in bed at 2230 hrs.  Ain't THAT sumthin'!


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  2. The guy on the left is what we would call a loser. They're either in a simulator or he has no intention of using his rocket seat when the 2Lt driver loses control (which they do from time to time) :-)

    1. The caption sez they're in a bombing exercise over Nevada... so why do you think they're in a simulator? Given I'm a non-flyer I'd also appreciate some insight into yer ejection seat comments...

    2. No wait... Maj Kong26 February, 2014 18:48

      The USAF is very strict (they give you checkrides to make sure you can read your checklist) and they used to (sorry I've been away for 20 years) require as a minimum, your parachute, helmet, and gloves to be on. When on the bomb run you also must also have your oxygen mask on, because the plane is depressurized to absorb AAA and SAM hits better. You can have the O2 mask hanging off your face if coming in at tree-top.

      To me, it looks like the guy on the left is an instructor, and the guy on the right is a student, as the student is semi-dressed for combat, while the gomer on the left has his Dave Clark $200 headset on :-) Once the eject alarm comes on you don't have time to get dressed, as everyone is leaving the plane as you're picking your nose...

    3. Ah. Thanks for the clarification. Us non-aircrew types are pretty clue-free in this space.

  3. 'Cause he ain't go his brain bucket on. Not at what we squids call "Condition 5" or ready to bite it...


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