Sunday, January 19, 2014

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack...

Peter Green with the oft-covered "Steady Rollin' Man"...

I'm a hard workin' man, have been for many years, I know
I'm a hard workin' man, have been for many long years, I know
And some cream puff's usin' my money, ooh well, babe, but that'll never be no more

You can't give your sweet woman, everything she wants in one time
ooh hoo ooo, you can't give your sweet woman, everything she wants in one time
Well, boys, she get ramblin' in her brain, hmm mmm mmm, some monkey man on her mind
Heh.  Truer words, and all that... but we digress.

Eric Clapton prolly owns the most widely heard version o' this tune, which he recorded on "461 Ocean Boulevard," back in 1974:

And here's the original Robert Johnson recording of the same tune...

Mr. Johnson recorded the original version in 1937... 19-30-freakin'- seven!  Who sez rock 'n' roll ain't got no history?

As for me... I like Peter Green's version best, even though I own all three of the above versions.  Play da blooze, boys... play da blooze!


  1. Buck,

    This is what I enjoy about your site by the way, especially when you give the history about some particular artist and what there song meant to you. You should go over and read the story "Three Axmen, A Fair Maid, A Madman – And One for the Ages" over at It was a great read and I learned a great deal. I immediately thought of you and didn't know if you followed there here you go.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Dave. I went over and read the piece at TAH and dropped a comment, too. I knew the back story behind "Layla" and that was a great job of telling the tale.

  2. Sorry for not jumping in on any posts lately... I do check out your site, just haven't posted of late...

    That said, Johnson is talked about by a lot of players. They all pretty much say how much he influenced their own guitar playing. I know Clapton praised him, as well as John Lennon. There were many others. I have the CDs of his recordings. While the quality is a bit rough given when they were recorded, I do enjoy hearing them.

    1. I have a Johnson box set, too. The tunes sound better after a few beers. ;-)


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