Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Three and a Half Minutes o' Amazing

You MUST watch this in full-screen HD.

I'm familiar with most of what's shown here, given it was shot in San Francisco.  SFO is arguably THE most beautiful city in America and there's plenty of evidence for that argument in this video.

The vid almost makes me homesick... almost.  That said, I think the two and a half years I spent there was quite enough.

Here's another one... equally impressive, if not more so.


  1. The best of that video is that there's no up close and personal... the superficiality.
    You don't get to see the warts and scars.
    Time does that, too.
    I have to go back to The City every now and again to remind myself why I am happy to be where I am.
    There was a time when the residents appreciated what they had and took care to preserve it.
    Those folks have pretty much left it to the carpetbaggers.

    1. I enjoyed my time in The City... I'd be lying if I said I didn't. That said, it was just too big, too congested, and too weird for me in the final accounting. I like the small-town vibe o' P-Ville SO much better.

  2. My favorite city
    Gotta kinda agree with not my Uncle
    There are a lot of intangibles missing in SF and the surrounding area
    ...probably because of carpetbaggers

    1. My favorite city is London, but that said... see the above.


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