Friday, January 03, 2014

Seven Years Ago Today...

... I was on about football with this:

Well, It was Interesting...

...but not too rewarding. Ohio State dominated Notre Dame. Crushed them. The 34-20 score makes it look closer than it actually was. Aside from the first drive of the first quarter, ND came out flat. OSU ran and passed at will throughout the game; ND's defense lacked focus and look unprepared, surprising given all the hype surrounding Coach Weis and his meticulous game prep. Brady Quinn couldn't deliver the goods, either. Quinn's passing was a respectable 29 of 45 on the day...but no touchdowns. And that sort of sums up the game, right there. OSU delivered the big plays, ND didn't.

I had a flash of hope in the fourth quarter when ND drew to within a touchdown with five minutes left. Not to be...OSU came right back and scored on another big play, a 56 yard touchdown pass by Troy Smith. Smith is quite possibly the most under-rated quarterback in the college game this year. He certainly took it to ND. Ohio State deserved the win.

The other disappointing game (for me) was Texas Tech's three point loss to 'Bama with 00:00 on the clock. I was convinced the game was going to OT, but noooo. 'Bama's kicker put a 45-yard field goal just over, and I mean just barely over, the crossbar to take the win. A heartbreaker for Tech.

Oh, well! Sometimes your guys win, sometimes they don't. Yesterday was a "don't" day for me...

Note the time on that post... what in the bloody Hell came over me to (a) be up at that time o' day and (b) actually put a post up on the blog at that ungodly hour?  Rather amazing, that.  What's not so amazing is I don't remember a single thing about that football game but the inter-tubes they are forever.  So I went and read up on it at The Wiki and found out THE Ohio State University (what? you don't recognize sarcasm when ya see it?) was the number four ranked team in the nation and ND was number six.  So that should have been a great game but it obviously wasn't... not to me, anyhoo.  Yesterday was a much better day for football.  As a s'matter o' fact I'm STILL grinning over 'Bama's loss.


  1. I too, am very happy, but ecstatic would be a much better description of how I felt after the game!

  2. The only thing I like about football, is it keeps the hubby and his fellow boozers entertained for hours in his man-cave, and I can get a lot of sewing done.

    1. Heh. I DO know a few women who enjoy the game, but they're few and far between.


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