Friday, January 10, 2014

Note the Dog's Dish

Heh.  This was one of only two 'toons at the Usual Source that weren't about NJ Gov. Christie.  I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.


  1. If everyone ignored Rodman he'd go away
    As for Christie, he's done all he can by shitcanning those responsible least the ones he's allowed to shitcan
    Yeah, it happened on his watch, but how can he anticipate the stupid criminal actions of underlings?

    1. I'd be very pleased if Rodman stayed in Pyongyang.

      Christie did the right thing, which is VERY different from most politicians' behavior.

  2. I think it's insane to put a toll booth on that bridge anyway. Find the fucker who came up with that stupid idea. Jersey fucks are sheep it seems. They take it in the ass and smile. The money they pay to cross the bridge ends-up in China anyway.


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