Tuesday, January 28, 2014

♪♫ I Cain't Get No Saaaa-tis-FACT-shun... ♫♪

With apologies to Mick and the Boys, but there's this lil blurb from Digg...
My cold-sheeted friends can attest to the fact that whenever you're going through a dry spell, it feels like literally everyone else is having approximately 20 quadrillion orgasms a day, all bestowed by a loving partner. Each tunnel you pass reminds you of a vagina, each subway column a phallus, and even the wind seems to hum, "You need to get laaaaid." If it weren't for your fastidious single person hygiene routine, you are certain cobwebs would form between your thighs and skin would grow back in places it shouldn't. This feeling of unhumpedness may be isolating, but according to a new survey, being sexless isn't that rare. 

The National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles prodded into the private lives of 15,000 British adults and found that about 20 percent of individuals ages 25-44 haven't had sex in the last month. Of 25-34 year-olds, 19.5 percent of men and 20 percent of women haven't been laid in four weeks. For ages 45-54, that increases to 21.1 for men and 27.9 percent for women. They found that, on average, women were 8 percent more likely to report dry spells than men.  


So if the bar is open, but there hasn't been a customer in ages, remember that the 20 percent pool of unlaid citizens is also swimming with virgins and people who haven't had sex in months or years. Nothing too unusual. There's a lot of porn to watch, and hey, it all worked out for Liz Lemon in the end. 
Well, now... isn't THAT interesting (aside from the fact I had to google "Liz Lemon")!  If you chase that link above you'll come to an article in The Guardian, which has this lil graph:

I'm reasonably shocked by the lack o' activity in the 65-74 age range but I suppose I shouldn't be.  There's also the fact the survey is British; perhaps we Yanks are more libidinous, e.g., I've heard stuff about those "retirement villages" in Florida.

As for me?  The only thing I'll say is this: if you'd have told me ten years ago I'd go this long without getting laid I'd have asked you to share a little o' what you're smoking.  But then again, I was in that 55-64 age bracket then and things were different.  Nowadays things are REALLY different although it's mostly a matter o' choice, in my case.  It's not so bad, really.  Like Kate sez... "there's a lot o' porn to watch."  free smileys


  1. The only thing that comes to mind right now is, "SHUT UP!!!
    That's my snappy response.

  2. The lack, and the lack of desire28 January, 2014 13:55

    When I go grocery shopping, at look at women my age, I'd be hard pressed to snuggle-up with any of them, and they still have clothes on. Once you get them naked, I'm good for another six months for the image to get out of my mind... Course, I'm sure the feeling is mutual.

    1. I see a lot o' wimmen in my age cohort that I could be with. Of course I also see a lot of the kind you're talking about, Lack. Goin' to Wal-Mart is always an adventure in THAT space.

  3. LOL. My wife the RN sees plenty of the 70-80 crowd of women in the hospitals and she says their usually as horny as hell..

    1. So why haven't I met any of those wimmen? Mebbe it's a Kaly-forhn-ee-ya thing.


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