Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Googlers. Strange People Doin' Strange Things.

Every so often we peek at Blogger's stats page to see what folks are looking at here at EIP, and here's what we saw a couple o' few minutes ago:

I can only imagine how that googler... and it HAD to be a googler... wound up on the post titled "Q&A."  I don't recognize all my posts by title, especially older ones.  So I wondered what that "Q&A" thing was all about.  Well, now I know...

Sunday, June 27, 2010


A:  No, I'm just admiring your activism.

Speaking of which... more rioting, burning, and looting at the G20 in Toronto.  (Still) film at 11:00, at Canada's National Post.  I can't imagine any city anywhere in the world wanting to host this event, as the outcome is so very predictable.


  1. She's got a big tongue.

    Just sayin'...
  2. That might not be her tongue. It might be part of a cop. Just sayin'.
  3. Knowing that crowd, you just might be right, sir!

    WV: picou That's French, ain't it?
  4. picou That's French, ain't it?

    I thought that was a character in some Sci-Fi teevee show. But mebbe he WAS French.
  5. I'm all for activism but you need to keep your tongue in your mouth at all times.
  6. You know, I once heard a guy say something that has stuck with me.

    "There are 'protesters,' and then there are 'activists.' The protesters burn things. The activists roll up their sleeves and do something about it."

    I'm not sure how relevant that is, but at the time it made good sense. He was addressing the "anti-abortion" movement back in the days of the Operation Rescue "protests." His point was obvious. You can go out and make a big show for the public...or you can work one-on-one with troubled young them through their troubles, pull money out of your pocket if need be, help them resolve the final destination of their bun in the oven, etc. Or, you can go carry a sign, and make an ass of yourself.

    Man, that was an odd comment on the G-20, huh? It reminded me of this.

    And, I can just just see this gal in 40 years.
  7. Dan: Agreed on the tongue thing. Always!

    Andy: I think your comment was relevant. I attended a few protests back in the day (it was a requirement for ALL hippies, good, bad, or indifferent), and none were of the violent sort. Which isn't to say that sort of thing didn't happen... coz it did. Witness Chicago in '68, and many more like that.

    re: your "40 years" pic. I don't think our gal in Toronto was nearly as well endowed, ergo she should age fairly well.
  8. Well, if you promise not to tell anybody...I've seen some young gals that were less than endowed as younger women...after having chirrens, and succumbing to old age that kinda' packed on a few pounds up around the top.

    I've got no one in particular in mind here, but...

    Heh! WV: dummi
  9. Heh! WV: dummi

    Ooooh. I'd be making a LOT of passionate entreaties to The Deity At Hand, were I you. And hopin' she ain't surfin' around these inter-tubes as we speak.
  10. Naw...I never told her about your place. Well, I've told her about it, but have the URL under lock and key.
  11. Heh - not that you men care but....they are real. At least she's got that going for her.
  12. Heh - not that you men care but....

    Au-freakin'-CONTRAIRE. Barring reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy, silicone is grounds for IMMEDIATE disqualification. That's one of my MAJOR hot-buttons.

I thought the comments were pretty entertaining.  I sure do miss Blog-Bud Loosy-Anna Andy.


  1. "I thought the comments were pretty entertaining."

    They are.

    After looking at the list, I had to go see what the re-run on 8/12/12 was.
    The date is significant in my mind.
    I'm almost sorry I looked.
    Oh... and it probably won't show in the pageview count for that date because I used your archives to find it.

    1. I'm almost sorry I looked.

      You'd be surprised by how many hits that post gets. Or not, whatevah. **I'M** surprised, anyway.


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