Saturday, December 28, 2013

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

We're still doin' that Gershwin thing on meTunes Radio and we heard this while out on the verandah earlier.

This piece is aural dynamite when played through a great system at suitable volume (read as: window-rattling).  It's the kettle drums that make it, IMHO, YOUR opinion may differ, Gentle Reader.  The song is somewhat less impressive when heard through the teeny-tiny speakers o' the mePhone but is still great, nonetheless.

We're somewhat tempted to break out our Copland's Greatest Hits CD, which includes this piece plus Appalachian Spring, among others.  We might still do so later on.

In other news... we're taking Happy Hour on the verandah today, getting while the getting's good.  Coz it ain't gonna be so good tomorrow.  Note:

Well, it IS December, innit?


  1. "Well, it IS December, innit?

    I'm not so sure.
    It flirted with 70 degrees yesterday (Saturday).

  2. Watching the whales, I'll just note that I didn't realize that Pacific Life Insurance Co was sponsoring this vid. :)

  3. We have also been experiencing some of the weirdest weather extremes I can remember in a long time. It was 60 degrees a week ago today; today it's mid-30s with a chilly rain & wind. Tomorrow should be in the low 30s and sunny. By mid-week it will be highs in the low 20s. So strange...

  4. @Skip: I'll trade my WX for yours. Deal?

    @Virgil: Yeah, the vid was a bit awkward in terms o' visual content, wasn't it?

    @Kris: We'll be back up in the 50s today, thank The Deity At Hand. It was COLD yesterday.


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