Monday, December 16, 2013

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

New-to-me Jonatha Brooke...

Cuz it's written on your body -- it's on the tip of your tongue
The look in your eyes, in the glare of the sun
The touch of your cold fingers, when you say goodbye
The way that you linger
The way that you lie 
Well, now... how interesting!  But there's this, speakin' o' the glare o' the sun:

Those eyes!  We might could ascribe some other reason for those eyes in another space and time but today it's just the sun, Gentle Reader, merely the sun.  And the sun she is brilliant!  We started off today's Happy Hour in a heavy knit cotton sweater but doffed that after the first beer and enjoyed the rest o' our time on the verandah clad merely in a tee-shirt.  It's only 64 degrees outdoors as we speak but it's dead still and WARM in the sun.  You just gotta love these mid-December days on The High Plains o' New Mexico.  It don't get much better'n this, considerin'.


  1. Looks like a picture of a happy man!
    It's the small things that make this life great.

  2. Those eyes do look........familiar, somehow.


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