Sunday, December 01, 2013

December Is Here

Wow.  Where did that year go?  I know, I know... we still have a month left on the year but the end is well and truly in sight.  So, there I was... out on the verandah, drinkin' a Sammy Adams Winter Lager, lazily puffin' on a Partagas, and trying to soak up what little warmth there is in this hazy December sun when I got to thinkin' I'd rather be somewhere, anywhere, other than where I am now.  Which led me to think... where was I in Decembers past?  There were lotsa answers to that question but none quite so exotic as Beijing.

In the hotel room, catching up on the news before work.
Yup, in December of 1991 I was in Beijing, on one of the more interesting... if not THE most interesting... bid'niz trips Ed's Famous Data Company ever sent me off on.  That trip produced some blog fodder... here, here, and here... if'n ya might be interested.  I think the BEST part o' that trip was leaving Beijing and spending the next week in Tokyo, if only for the familiarity that was innit.

So... would I do it again?  I sure as hell WOULD.  You can put me on the plane tomorrow, if ya wanna.

Let's do today's Happy Hour soundtrack while we're here... more December.

December promise you gave unto me
December whispers of treachery
December clouds are now covering me
December songs no longer I sing
Not true... I still sing December songs, just not the USUAL ones.


  1. The State department warns travelers not to book a flight with an intermediate stop in Mainland China. It seems they will look at passports and escort you to an interrogation room if they see something interesting (especially military and contractors). Besides, the damned place is so polluted even the rats are starting to swim to Fiji... The only good Red is a dead Red.

    1. Besides, the damned place is so polluted...

      You should have seen it in '91.

    2. I was busy in Iraq... Talk about another polluted place...
      I never figured why anyone would want to be a dictator in a countries that are so ugly.


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