Tuesday, November 05, 2013


Big news today from that Milwaukee Mo'sickle Company... this:
At the cigar bar?  But of course!

Ooh!  And Ahhh!  I went on the record a while back about wanting one o' these and was terribly disappointed when I learned that Harley had discontinued that model... and its 1200cc Big Brother... this year.  But now we know why Harley cancelled the Nightsters... one doesn't want or need sumthin' from your own product line to cannibalize yer new models.  And those new models look pretty good at first blush.  Take a peek:

Well done on all counts, no?  To quote me: "I could see myself on one o' those."  

(If I could breathe properly and stand up straight, of course.)  (BIG-ass sigh)

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