Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

Livingston Taylor with a cover of Gerry Rafferty's signature tune... said cover bein' every bit as good as the original.

He's got this dream about buying some land
He's gonna give up the booze and the one-night stands
And then he'll settle down
In some quiet little town
And forget about everything
But you know he'll always keep moving
You know he's never gonna stop moving
'Cause he's rolling, he's the rolling stone
And when you wake up, it's a new morning
The sun is shining, it's a new morning
And you're going, you're going home
Half-true, that.  Even rolling stones come to rest at some point... this stone came to rest in a quiet little town, gave up the one-night stands, but DIDN'T give up the booze.  That would be too much to ask.

In other news... we attempted to take Happy Hour on the verandah again today but it was a lil bit too fresh for our liking, which is to say 48 degrees, overcast, and a 15 mph wind.  We tried.


  1. Good lord but I LOVE this tune - any way I can get it. Thank you for that Buck, I needed the lift tonite.

  2. That song (Summer of '78!) increases with valuable truths with each passing year.


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