Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack: Double Entendres

More DE's than you can shake a stick at...

She bucked me on the pick-up truck,
she bucked me on the fence;
Daddy said, "Son, ya got no buckin' sense."
Yeah hoo- Hey, hey,
Yippy-i Ki-ay.
...Try again.... Awww, watch it.... There she goes.... Ooh, hoo....
One more time....
If ya got a bucker, don't ever buck around,
that buckin' mother bucker 'll buck ya on the ground.
Yeah hoo- Hey, hey,
Yippy-i Ki-ay.
We loves us some Robert Earl around these parts.  Yes, we DO.

In other news... it's a might bit chilly outside today (59 degrees, with a rather brisk breeze), but we took Happy Hour on the verandah and we were quite comfortable, as long as we remained in full sun.  Which we did, Gentle Reader.  Not bad, all told.

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