Thursday, November 21, 2013

Letters Spam... We Get Letters Spammed

One of the things I absolutely LOVE about G-Mail is its wonderfully efficient spam filter.  I very rarely see any of the spam that hits my e-mail on a daily basis (there are 180 messages in my spam folder, as we speak) except for the spam that I WANT to see.  The Cadillac Motor Car Company sends me one such message a week, sometimes more, and that's the sorta spam I like.  Last week I got this:

Thanks, Cadillac, but I'm a "buy and hold" kinda guy and The Tart is only a lil over 18 months old, as we speak.  It'll be a while before she's replaced... if ever.  (In re: if ever.  It's entirely conceivable The Tart will outlive me, given our relative ages.)  There's also this lil matter of pricing, Cadillac.  You may have priced me right out of the market, seein' as how you raised the price o' the car by 15% over the previous model.  A base price o' $46,025.00 for the bare-bones, bottom o' the line, entry-level model is pretty danged steep.

And then today I get this:

That's pretty cool.  You can read the MT article here... or watch this:

I gotta admit: the car IS beautiful.  But not $46K beautiful.

In other news... The NWS outta ABQ updated our WX forecast and it got WORSE.  Note:

It looks like the whole danged weekend is blown and Monday is only marginally better.  Like the man is fond o' sayin': it's always SUMTHIN'.


  1. EEEkkk on that price! That's a big ole OUCH. As I ponder the new car I need to purchase next spring (the good lord willing and the creek don't rise, my current ride gets me safely thru the winter) I had thought of a used CTS but now I'm 99% sure I'll be in the market for a Jeep Patriot. AWD, V6 and smaller than the Grand Cherokee that The Oracle drives. I'll get thru this winter but after that, I just don't want to do another New England winter w/out AWD (or 4WD). That said - the CTS really is gorgeous.

    1. The CTS comes in AWD. At a price. ;-)


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