Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack: Memphis

And John Hiatt goin' on about it...

Maybe there's nothin' happenin' there
Maybe there's somethin' in the air
Before our upper lips get stiff
Maybe we need us a big ol' whiff

If we could just get off-a that beat little girl
Maybe we could find the groove
At least we can get a decent meal
Down at the Rendezvous
 'Cause one more heartfelt steel guitar chord
Girl, it's gonna do me in
I need to hear some trumpet and saxophone
You know sound as sweet as sin

And after we get good and greasy
Baby we can come back home
Put the cowhorns back on the Cadillac
And change the message on the code-a-phone

But...   Lets go to Memphis in the meantime, baby
Memphis in the meantime girl
Memphis has been on my to-do list for a long, long time.  We thought we were gonna check it off on the return trip from our recent vay-kay, but noooo.  There was no stoppin' on the way out to Virginny (we were on a MISSION) and by the time we were on our way back we'd been on the road too long to spend another day or two away from our bed... and our stuff.  So, Memphis is still on the to-do list.  Mebbe some day...


  1. Some good country rockin' by Mr. Hiatt. I recognize Rosanne Cash's ex, Rodney Crowell and isn't that Carl Perkins wearin' those blue suede shoes and that magnificent toupee? As for Memphis, we've been. Whenever you get ready to cross Graceland, Sun Records, the Peabody Hotel, and Beale street off your bucket list, let us know and we'll meet you there.

    1. I only wish I was as close to Memphis as you and Joyce, Dan. The city is likely to remain on my list for a long, long time... unless my back issues suddenly get better. As for Graceland... I have no real desire to go. Hell, even Paul Simon wanted to go see it and managed to get a song and an entire album just out of the name. I'm more about Beale Street and Sun Records; I don't think I could afford to stay in the Peabody, but it sure would be NICE. ;-)

  2. Memphis is on my bucket list ...came close to going about two years ago and now I can't remember why we didn't.
    It's Beale Street and barbecue that draws my attention ...and the ducks. :)

    1. Did you read the Peabody Hotel Wiki article? There are "Peabody Ducks" living on the roof.

  3. When I first started driving to LSU from my home in Illinois in Fall, 1964, the Interstate hadn't yet been completed all the way to New Orleans and so was diverted thru downtown Memphis RIGHT PAST Graceland and the famous iron-grille gates with the musical notes on them--As close as I ever got to the "Home of the KING." LOL.

    1. You got closer than me, Virgil.

  4. PS: Of course I spent many hours during my HS years listening to late-nite radio on my old cordovan-colored boxy Zenith radio (the one with the big circular anodized gold dial, remember?) to R&B on the black radio station WDIA in Memphis.

    1. We have had similar musical experiences, haven't we? Except you can remember call letters; I can't.


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