Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack: Bonnie!

Yes, yes... oh, YES.  Bonnie sings the blues* while adding in some very tasty guitar licks.

These men that I've been seeing, baby
Got their soul up on the shelf
You know they could never love me
When they can't even love themselves
But I need someone to love me
Someone to really understand
Who won't put himself above
Who just loves me like a man
I've never seen such losers, Darlin'
Even though I tried
To find a man who could take me home
'Stead of takin' me for a ride
And I need someone to love me
I know you can
Believe me when I tell you
You can love me like a man
(complete lyrics here)
Ummm, Bonnie.  Darlin'.  No offense, but we men have the SAME complaint.  Or rather, some of us might do.  I'll freely admit some men have found their one-and-only but there are considerable numbers of us who've simply given up.  I mean, one can only kiss just so many toads until the warts become a problem, eh?  It is what it is, innit?

* Heard earlier today on meTunes Radio, on the Lucinda Williams station.  There be some great good stuff therein, Gentle Reader.


  1. Mighty fine blues song with some insightful lyrics. And I love Raitt...she's great.

    We don't have the meTunes radio, but we just got our little portable XM Onyx hooked up to the Bose. Fantastic.

    1. Oooh... home XM! I've been flirting with that idea for a long, long time now. Mebbe that will be my Christmas gift to myself!

  2. She looks so young!

    The lyrics seem bitchy to me.

    1. Weren't we ALL young and beautiful then? I know I was. ;-)

      As for the lyrics... that depends on your perspective. I could see where they'd sound bitchy if, say, you happened to be a happily married woman in a long-time and stable relationship. OTOH... (insert another smiley-face thingie here)


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