Thursday, October 03, 2013

The Perfect Song For Tonight's ADWH*

Mr. Thorogood...

Don't give me no lectures
'Bout stress and strife
Just ain't my way of life
You better change
Yes, I'm begging you please
'cause if you don't start drinkin'
I'm gonna leave
I've never really had this particular problem, given I've never been involved with someone who is or was a tee-totaler.  That practice would simply be a non-starter from the git-go.  That said, we've been blessed in previous lives with wives, consorts, and girlfriends who had a like mind when it came to the subject of alcohol.  We've even known and loved some wimmen who could drink us under the table.  Yeah, I'm lookin' at YOU, Kid.

So now it's out to the verandah to enjoy a balmy New Mexico evening with three fingers of Mr. Bulliet's fine, fine, fine rye whiskey.  And a cigar.

* After Dinner Whiskey Hour


  1. The music is good, but I really like those pics.

    1. I'm thinkin' there's a story behind those pics.

  2. ADWH... could also be After Dish Washing Hour

    Looking at some of those pics from my own experiences at that age, I would say some of those kids were less than a drink shy of saying hello to "Raaaalph!"
    or "ROY!"
    or "O'Rooarke!"

    1. ADWH... could also be After Dish Washing Hour

      Well... it IS, now that you mention it. ;-)

  3. When I saw the title, I thought you might be goin' ADHD on us. But ADWH would be almost the opposite. That said, I've never had any Bulliet, but I like fact that it's called a "frontier" whiskey.

    1. Bulleit makes a bourbon and a rye. I've had both and much prefer the rye... it's some AWESOME stuff!

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