Friday, October 18, 2013

Get OFF My Lawn!

A couple o' irritating things in the overnight mail... this, first:

On the one hand I thought "Democrats.  Can't live with 'em, can't shoot 'em."  OTOH I thought "I'm sick to death of the Tea Party."  OTOOH I thought "they DO have a point."  OTOOOH (and I'm running outta hands at this point), they picked a piss-poor time to make THAT point, if it's valid and I'm not sure it IS.  I'm so confused, or mebbe I'm just not fully caffeinated.  Prolly the last.

And then there's this:

I don't subscribe to the Dream Houses Twitter feed, but someone I follow does.  And FuckingTwitter (all one word) ALWAYS includes one of these dumb-ass pictures (as a re-tweet from that org I follow) in a love note I get from them every morning.  First of all: mansions bore me; I couldn't possibly care less about architectural excess unless it's over 200 years old.  Second: there are never any people in these pictures, none.  Which leads me to believe the mansions are prolly made out o' Legos.

And now to pour my second cup.  I have a feeling raising my caffeine level will significantly improve my mood.


  1. There's where I get to my reading.... The nice thing about reading Jerry Pournelle's Mote in God's Eye story is that his aliens had 3 arms/hands. A hand, the other hand and the gripping hand. Give's you more! For strength!
    I'm with you on the mansions. I liked the ones in Newport put up by the true robber barons, the rest, not so much.

    1. In re: Pournelle and three hands... I think I need FOUR. I agree with you about the old-time mansions in Newport; there are some damned fine houses there.

  2. That home looks like it's fit for a Senator...

    The reason the USA is so far in debt, is because they have elections every two years, and the only job requirement is age. If you can get people to vote for you, you can write promissory notes at the national bank. You only have two years to cash in.

    Welfare entitlements are not the main number in GDP. In order for the economy to grow, you need jobs. In order to grow jobs, you need manufacturing.

    If you offshore all your manufacturing, you can't grow either of the above. Simple math, says you will unbalance toward debt. But even if you have 17 trillion debt, you can minimize it by increasing the GDP. One way to grow jobs, is to penalize (tax wise) offshore profits.

    You can't be an American, if your company is in Mexico. But then, under the current regime, corporations are people too (Supreme Court ruling).

    I will have coffee and cookies at my next Economic pow wow :-)

    1. I will have coffee and cookies at my next Economic pow wow :-)

      I can't wait! OTOH, why not cigars and single-malts, like REAL economists?

  3. All of Congress - and the White House - is an infested swamp. All sides have betrayed We The People far more times than can be counted and a righteous routing is in order. And aside from the fringe elements on BOTH sides, I think this country is finally getting to the place where said-routing will begin. Every single one of them is a self-interested asshole.

    Mansions - meh. Give me a nice house with a beautiful deck overlooking the water (lake, river, ocean - doesn't matter) and I'd be happy as a pig in shit.

    1. Agreed all the way around, Kris, although I really liked my congresscritter (in the House) when I was a Texan.


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