Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Baby, it's cold outside...

We might have gotten down into the high 30s last night and we'll get there for sure this evening.  I managed to take Happy Hour on the verandah yesterday as the cold front was moving in, given as how the temps were in the mid-60s and bearable, as long as I had on a sweatshirt and my slippers.  I don't think that's gonna be the case today.

So we'll break out a jacket when we make our run out to Cannon Airplane Patch later today to re-supply our meds.  My vacation screwed up my schedule in that space as I usually do that sorta stuff the first of the month, but all that's slipped to the middle of the month now.  I'll also make a somewhat-deferred big-ass commissary run while I'm out there.  DoD closed all commissaries (except for those overseas) when the gub'mint shutdown began but opened 'em back up last week.  Which makes one wonder: where the Hell's the money coming from?  When is a shutdown NOT a shutdown?  WTF?

In other news... we continue to read old love letters and I've even read a few of hers to me, contrary to what I said last week.  That said, we're ONLY reading her letters in the strong light of day while stone cold sober.  I don't EVEN want to risk making one of those late night drunken phone calls wherein I shout into the phone "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU AND WHAT DID YOU DO WITH PAULA!?!?!"  We've all done that, or we've received at least one such call (I've been on both sides, albeit not recently).  NOT good.


  1. Chillin' out here, too.
    But not to your extreme... yet!

    1. It really was cold. Shocking, actually.


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