Friday, September 27, 2013

The Masters of the Universe Turn 15 Today

From USA Today...

SAN FRANCISCO — Google is still in a birthday mood. On Friday as it marks its 15th anniversary the homepage Doodle serves up a playable pinata.

Use your space bar to give it a whack. You get eight tries to see how many candies you can shake out.
For a look back at Google history, you can also do a Google search on "Google in 1998" to turn up a retro version of the homepage.

On Thursday at an event in Menlo Park, Calif., where the company was started, search executives announced a major overhaul to the company's search engine.

The new search algorithm makes search results more relevant and useful, especially when users ask more complex questions. That's happening more and more as people use voice features on mobile devices to search for information.
The links are fun... chase 'em.  I remember sometime back in '98 when Dennis, my Head Geek aka The Master of the Databases, came charging into my office in Ra-cha-cha nearly yelling "Buck!  You GOTTA look at this!"  "Look at what?" sez I.  "This," sez he as he shoves me out of the way and commandeers my PC, bringing up the Google homepage.  We spent the next half-hour or so dreaming up weird searches and were simply amazed at how quick we got results... appropriate and germane results... to our queries.  A small part o' my world changed forever and I'm not kidding.

Used AltaVista lately?


  1. Nobody ever said they "Yahooed" something on the Web
    I been GoGGling since about the time I first connected and didn't know much different
    My ISP used to have several choices for searches on their portal
    I may have tried each one time
    Now there's only one
    But then I don't use the portal except when I access Webmail, which doesn't happen much

    1. Nobody ever said they "Yahooed" something on the Web

      Yeah... but there ARE those paranoid types that think Google wants to own us all. I think those types are the only users of Bing and Yahoo! search engines.


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