Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Finally... We Have Recognition and Positive Reinforcement of Our Habits

Which reminds me... it's time for lunch. animal smileys

The h/t: Shoebox.


  1. While Arkansas, we had a big deck area overlooking the lake in the distance - was very nice - just right for coffee in the mornings. But after a day at the art workshop, we would have happy hour on the deck. Gene and Jo would drink wine. For some reason, beer was my choice - maybe it was the drinking outdoors. Maybe it was the need to guzzle and not sip.

    1. Hey! I sip my beer! But my sips may be larger sips than wine drinkers, though.

    2. Not sure I guzzled.
      But that first beer sure got to my stomach without lingering around the taste buds too long.
      Now I enjoy my beers vicariously... not an easy task.

    3. I hear ya about the vicarious thing. I follow Beer Advocate on Twitter and those guys are always posting pictures of exotic (well, to me) beers in incredibly cool pubs. I won't ever SEE half the beers they post but I do enjoy them... vicariously.


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