Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Tonight's After Dinner Whiskey Hour Soundtrack: Après Moi, le Déluge

With apologies to Louis XV, of course.  We had a magnificent rainstorm this evening which resulted in the temps plunging from 100 degrees right down to 70... a reduction of some 30 degrees... which was welcome, indeed.   And which brought the 17th Street Canal and Intra-city Waterway up to navigable status, like this:

It also wetted down The Dowager Tart's hindquarters, as is plainly visible.  The chairs on the verandah, too... which meant we had to break out a towel for to drape over a chair so we could partake our After Dinner Whiskey and cigar on the verandah, where we looked like this:

But we digress and while we're digressing... I HATE the mePhone's camera, but that could be the subject for another post.  We're supposed to be on about the music, now, aren't we?  So, without further ado... Ms. Kate Bush:

But every time it rains,
You're here in my head,
Like the sun coming out--
Ooh, I just know that something good is going to happen.
And I don't know when,
But just saying it could even make it happen.
Something good DOES happen when it rains here on The High Plains o' New Mexico... like green, and flowers, and clean, sweet smelling air.  Not exactly what Kate had in mind, but close enough.  I'll take it.

And now it's back outdoors, to continue as we've begun.


  1. UPS barge floating by, raindrops on yur wheels and a nice ball cap to keep the cigar dry....looking good Buck!


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