Friday, August 02, 2013

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack: Comparative Musicology

Play da blooze... Elmore James edition.

The bell has tolled, my baby caught that train 'n gone
The barrel-house told me, my baby caught that train 'n gone
It was all my fault, I musta' did somebody wrong.
Everything that happens, you know I am to blame.
Everything that happens, you know I am to blame.
I'm gonna find myself a doctor, perhaps my luck will change.
Well, that's what SHE said.  The truth is subjective, as we all know.  I ain't buyin' into that sentiment... no way, no how.

Digressions aside... that would be the original, above.  And then there's this:

Oh, YES!  There are very, very few guitarists that could play slide like Duane.  That said, here's one such:

I own all three versions of this tune, but Mr. Winter's version is the one we listened to today.  I'd be hard pressed to choose my favorite among the three, and The Deity At Hand knows there are many, more takes on this quintessential blues tune.

Play da blooze, Boys... play da blooze!


  1. That Allman Bros Fillmore East album was the reason I started drinking PBR. Those dudes looked so cool with their tall boys on the back cover. If PBR was good enough for the Allman's...

    1. That's as good a reason to drink PBR as I've ever heard and better'n most. ;-)


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