Thursday, August 15, 2013

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack and a Brief Reminiscence


Bring me back the good old days,
When you let me misbehave.
Always knew, it wouldn't last,
But if you ask, I'd go again.
Yeah, I'd go again.
It's alright, it's okay,
I don't need you anyway.
You don't have to tell the truth,
Cause if you do I'll tell it too.
Oh, I'll tell it too.
Well, it ain't easy to stay in love
If you can't tell lies,
So I'll just have to take a bow
And say goodbye.
Heh.  There's much wisdom in these lyrics and I DO relate. Actually, the whole freakin' album is excellent and might be the best "new" music I've bought in some time.  That's sayin' sumthin', since I've bought albums by Lyle Lovett, Peter Green, Joan Osborne and many others over the past year or two.  That said, we loves us some Norah and "Little Broken Hearts" is the best thing I've bought lately. 

Then again, the above isn't sayin' much by standards of Former Happy Days, '70s Edition mainly coz I used to acquire four or five new albums each month during that period o' time.  Note that I didn't say "buy," and that's because my friends and I used to collaborate on our purchases and then trade off albums amongst ourselves so we could tape them.  Yeah, we were "those guys" that the RIAA used to rage about and we guilty, indeed.  But we did build up a significant music collection in that manner, illegal or not.

And then there was that halcyon year I spent up on the Black Sea coast and had a part-time gig as a deejay (and station manager, later) at KBOK, wherein I had access to the station's record library.  I would bring home four or five albums nearly every night during the time I worked at the station and tape 'em.  I still have those tapes (well, sorta.  SN2 has those tapes.) but the unfortunate thing is most of 'em are unlistenable due to poor recording which was due, in turn, to me being highly intoxicated during those recording sessions.  We did NOT pay attention to the task at hand, Gentle Reader, or at least not as much as we should have.  That's really too, too bad because I acquired some damned fine music during that year, and we're talkin' about 1971 - 1972, which were pretty much banner years for rock 'n' roll.  Ya don't believe me?  Hit those links...

So.  We buy acquire much less music today than we did back in the day.  One could make a case for the fact that there's a lot less music worth buying today... and I might would agree.  Except for Norah.


  1. Try this, Buck... I think this little gal really has it, whatever 'it' is.

    1. Thanks for that, Dan. I agree with you... young Ms. Jarosz certainly can play and sing. Her sidemen are pretty good, too.

  2. I taped a bunch of stuff in the 70s on reel to reel...
    ...haven't had a player in 30 years, but I still have the tapes.

    1. I got to thinking more about this last evening and I think I played those tapes more than I let on in the post. SN2 also has my old tape deck, too... so I'll be able to listen to a lot of that stuff when I go out to VA next week.

  3. Toby and I are on a committee to come up with a program for next year's youth banquet at church. We were told to come up with songs from different eras that would not offend church-goers. Hmm. I could probably come up with some in the 60's and 70's, but the 80's were like some lost era to me. Because it was a time of working and raising babies, we did not spend money on music. Toby and I were just discussing this last night. And the music we did listen to was not top pop.

    1. I don't envy your assignment, Lou. While it's fairly easy to come up with songs from the '80s, there's always sumthin' that's gonna offend someone. Like me and John Deutschendorf. ;-)

  4. I like Norah Jones. It languished in the 'can't listen to it for awhile' category but I'm pretty much over all that. This was good.
    I spent a month in Diego Garcia once and probably 3 days of that doing nothing but recording music from their awesome library. I only stopped because I ran out of blank cassettes and the PX was closed for inventory the entire month we were inport. I still have most of the tapes but the only tape player I have left is in my car.
    I liked the music of the 80's but a lot of the time, 85%, I don't hear the actual lyrics. I hear the words they should have been.

    1. I had a long run at the "I can't listen to that" category... at least five years. Mine included all pop from the '80s, '90s and most of the stuff in my collection. I switched to classical and jazz.

      As for the PX that closed for an entire month... WTF? That's incompetence on a massive scale!

  5. I taped all sorts of stuff off of TV (In Concert, Midnight Special, etc.) onto cassette via the high-tech method of holding the mic up to a speaker. Still have most and some are surprisingly listenable considering the recording technique.

    1. Amazing! Your recording prolly sound better than some of mine... I have NO ideer why I didn't rase and re-record some of my worst.


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