Monday, August 12, 2013


From My Buddy Ed In Florida:

Well, I'd grab sumthin' other than a few Buds... but I see (and agree with) their point.

In other news... we slept in shifts last evening, goin' to bed at 0200 and bein' awakened by the crash o' thunder and lightning at 0500.  It was pretty much impossible to get back to sleep so I got up, fired up the coffee, drank about eight cups out o' the ten I made and then went back to bed... err, couch... where I slept the sleep o' the just, deservedly or not.  I woke up about 15 minutes ago and am now drinkin' what's left o' the coffee.  It looks like it's gonna be a great day, albeit a LOT more humid than normal.

I don't mind bein' awakened by t-storms as long as the sturm und drang is accompanied by significant moisture and that was the case this morning.  I spent about a half hour to 45 minutes at the window in my darkened living room, drinkin' my first two cups and just watching the rain come down.  Rain fascinates a body when you don't see much o' it, yanno?  Speakin' o' which, this year has been the wettest I've ever seen in my ten-plus years on The High Plains o' New Mexico.  That's a great good thing, Gentle Reader.


  1. Kinda livin' the Life o' Riley, aintcha?

    Me jealous? No, no, not at all...

    Well, maybe a skosh...

    1. Well, yes... assuming Riley is a layabout with little ambition and lots to drink. ;-)

  2. Did someone mention a Scotch? No ice in mine, thank you, just a touch of tap water.

    1. Why, yes... I believe I DID mention that!


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