Monday, August 05, 2013

It Be a Tad Warmish Outdoors

Summer's well and truly here...

This coming week offers little to no relief...

Ah, well... at least it's a DRY heat.  We're taking Happy Hour out on the verandah and we've just poured our second beer, as we speak.  And we're waiting with bated breath* for those t-storms, which will reduce the temperature by as much as 20 degrees... all in one fell swoop.  IF they arrive.

*Note to language purists: discussion here.  Go.  You'll be glad ya did, if only to provide a reference when correcting language idjits.


  1. A former HS classmate posted that it was too hot to go outside.
    It was 82 degrees.
    But then that's Bremerton, Washington for you.

    1. That's also most any place in England, too. It's headline news in Ol' Blighty whenever it's in excess of 85 degrees for any period o' time. Me? I draw the line at a nice even 100... and sometimes not even then.

    2. Trouble is that 85 in England is usually very humid.

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  3. Yeah my oven is dry heat also but you don't see me in there!


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