Friday, July 12, 2013

What's Wrong With This Picture?

I think a couple o' few stockers need some remedial training, is what I think.


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    1. Ah, but there are only two grocery stores in P-Ville. Wally stocks a flavor o' bagged salad I particularly like (butter lettuce), which the other guys don't. Seein' as how I go thru three o' those bags a week... well, there's yer explanation.

    2. It's the employees, not the merchandise, Buck.
      I think they're Zombies.
      ...and their parking lot is worse than Costco because there are five entrances.

    3. The employees at the "other" store are definitely nicer, the store is closer (two blocks away), and it's local-owned, too. The problem is I LOVE butter lettuce and they don't stock it. So I drive about four miles to Wally to get it. That said, I agree with ya about zombies.

  2. I was picking up dog treats at Wal-mart on Friday. As I shuffled through the boxes looking for the right stuff, I found myself re-shelving the dog food so that others could see it easier (easier than I did, anyway). What was I thinkin'?

    1. I THOUGHT about rearranging the boxes in my picture. For about three seconds.


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