Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack


Well, thank you Detroit
You treated me good
But I've been here longer than I should
I enjoy big money but I miss my Honey so
One thing's on my mind
It's watermelon time in Georgia
Yeah... I hear ya, Levon, mainly coz we had to get outta Dee-troit, once upon a time and it had EVERYTHING to do with our Honey.  At the time.  

That said, you sure are MISSED.


  1. Hugely missed at this address.

    I watched the "Love for Levon" concert for the nth time a couple of nights ago, and came to the realization that we need a new law -- henceforth any singer not named Levon Helm or Mavis Staples shall not be allowed to perform The Weight.

    J.R. Burns

  2. Once again, you introduce me to music that I like. While in Red, we got to hear some pretty good stuff including some ex-boy-scouts from Philmont who did some good bluegrass. Did you go to my link on Pauline Reese? I thought of you while listening to her.

    1. I'd never heard of Pauline until you posted about her. I like her style.


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