Monday, July 08, 2013

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack


I’m leavin’ today
I’ll be on my way
Of this I can’t say very much
But if you want me to
I can be just like you
An’ pretend that we never have touched
An’ if anybody asks me
“Is it easy to forget?”
I’ll say, “It’s easily done
You just pick anyone
An’ pretend that you never have met!”
Any Dylan is good Dylan (except for this, mebbe, and YMMV) but old Dylan is BEST.  I shall now contradict myself by sayin' Blood On the Tracks is my favorite Dylan album, by far.  This isn't so much because BotT was that good musically (it was, even compared to albums that went before), as because the album was a huge part o' our soundtrack when The Second Mrs. Pennington and I fell in love all those years ago.  Those sorts of things have a habit of skewing our sensibilities, dontcha know.

So today it's All Bobby, All the Time... and we shall now return to the verandah to continue as we've begun.


  1. I'm way behind on my commenting, so I won't try to catch up. I like the Dylan song. Interesting.

    1. Dylan's ALWAYS good. How's RR?

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  4. Let me say this smarter; Bob's songs tend to be whiny and reactionary. These are styles which don't get good reception from our loved ones.

    1. My loved ones loved Bob... she can throw out Dylan quotes with the best of 'em, even today. Go ahead, ask me how I know.

  5. I too just got back from an all too common internet hiatus...

    That's a great song. Love Dylan.


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