Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

Van, singin' his signature tune...

I've seen Mr. Morrison on numerous occasions but NONE were better than this:

That was in London in 1982, and that particular concert was THE highlight o' my rock 'n' roll life.  The Second Mrs. Pennington and I had great seats... in the third row of the balcony, IIRC... but we rushed the stage for the encore: Caravan.  I swear to the Deity At Hand that we were close enough to reach out and touch his shoes and I also swear The Man might have spit on me, as well.  Did we rock out?  Yes, we DID.

We were buzzed for days after that evening, if not months... and I remember that evening as if it were last week.  Sometimes it bees like that.


  1. I did not attend many concerts while growing up, but your experiences always sound fun. Most of my music came from time in the mountains.

    An old friend of mine from the East Coast once told me about skipping school to go to a Janis Joplin concert - I thought that was cool.

    1. I didn't go to many concerts while growing up, either... except for bands that played high school dances in SoCal... unless you include my 20s, 30s, and 40s as "growing up." ;-)

      BTW... that "high school dances" thing ain't as cheesy as it sounds: I saw Dick Dale and the Beach Boys play in high school gyms, back in the day.


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