Thursday, July 18, 2013

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack: Skies

All eyes on the skies today, which have been rather dramatic.  Like so...

Looking due north

Looking due west

Looking southeast

It would only follow that we'd do a little bit o' Floyd...

We get more than enough o' those crystal-clear, brilliant, and somewhat unforgiving blue skies in this part o' the world.  The sort o' days that we've been experiencing these last couple o' few are rare indeed, and we're drinkin' them in like a parched man at an oasis.  We've had a lot o' rain this week and our humidity has soared as a result but even in spite o' that it's oh-so-good, Gentle Reader... oh, yes... it IS.


  1. Whoa Nelly! You live next door to a Baptist Church? Wow. (Do they know?)

    1. They know and they've tried to convert me; we've had some very interesting conversations. You woulda wanted to be a fly on the wall for THOSE discussions.

  2. I missed the church...I can't stop chuckling for some reason. I think I need to go to confession this weekend... :-)

    Humidity...loathesome stuff.

    1. Heh. Three Hail Marys and everything will be cool. ;-)


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