Tuesday, July 02, 2013

It's Always Sumthin'

My backup hard drive died this morning and I'm feelin' rather snake-bit where electronics are concerned.  Last week it was my frickin' phone, today it's my external drive.  We'll have a new one tomorrow, thanks to Amazon Prime and their cheap one-day shipping (which I pay for with that annual Prime subscription fee, but I think it's worth it).

In the mean time we're feelin' quite nekkid, what with NO back-up available should my desktop crash.  I REALLY hate it when this happens.

What's next, one wonders?  Oh, well... ya can't worry about thangs that are outta yer control, so it's out to the verandah to enjoy the WX and a couple o' beers.


  1. I hope electronic problems don't come in threes. I think that is deaths, so you are good.

    1. Ummm... my phone died. My hard drive died. Those are DEATHS, Lou. ;-)

  2. Buck, I have NO worries. Some wise ass once told me that he'd never trust online backups, because of yada yada yada...

    He had his trusty back-up hard drive to do such things.

    I actually did switch online backup services, though. Mr. Carbonite done me well two or three times when my machine failed me. I really can't complain. But, they continue to raise the price, and iDrive was about half the cost. (It was about 38 bucks for the first year, using the promo code: Rush).

    Yeah, yeah, yeah...I heard about it listening to Limbaugh.

    Plus, I can back up my comprutuh, and Pam's, and #4 son's computer to the same dealie at no extra cost. (Which, unless I'm mistaken, is not possible with Carbonite).

    Disclaimer: I am not receiving any financial remuneration from iDrive for this comment.

    Really, I'm not.


    1. I was waitin' with baited breath for you to weigh in here, Andy. You did NOT let me down. ;-)


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