Tuesday, July 30, 2013

In Which We Pull the Ol' "Calling In Well" Trick

From a few years back (and a month ago, too)...

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Calling In Well

Towards the end of my working life there was a point in time I took to calling in well whenever "things" got a bit too much.  Which is to say something like this hypothetical phone call:
Boss: Hello?
Me:  Hey.  It's Buck.  I won't be in today.
Boss: Are you OK?
Me:  Oh yeah.  I'm great.  As a s'matter of fact I feel too damned good to come in.
Boss: (short pause, followed by laughter)  OK... see ya tomorrow!
That was about the way it went the first time I pulled that stunt.  I didn't do it all that often, mind you, mebbe once or twice a year and NEVER when there was "stuff" going on that required my presence.  I usually did it after some sorta death march was completed, which is to say the kind of activity that required an endless procession of 12 to 14 hour days.  It was my own personal form of R&R, in other words.  I never once pulled that trick in the Air Force, needless to say.  The military, even the AF, tend to take a rather dim view of that sort of attitude.  There's that "duty" thang, yanno?  But it isn't so in the civilian world, given you have the right sort of leadership.  And I did.

We're calling in well today here at EIP.  While I feel REALLY good I also have zero motivation my inner eight year old pulling his usual stunt.  Even My Buddy Ed In Florida seems to be on hiatus at the moment, having failed to send me any of his drollery.  Mebbe everyone is kinda-sorta calling in well today.

So there's this... one of my favorite pics from the way-back:

I went googling for a Happy Face to accompany this post and nuthin' struck my fancy... until I realized I had the happiest of Happy Faces right here in the archives.  He was a beautiful baby, nu?
Hey!  At least ya get a cute baby pic, eh?


  1. We call them "mental health days" which explains a lot for my own situation...haven't taken one in a good long while.

    1. Well, then... it's about time, innit?

    2. I'll second that motion. Do it Kris. For your own sake.

      Oh yeah, Hi Buck!

  2. Let's call a meeting to be held onboard Barco. I'll provide the refreshments and food.

  3. We leave for Ecuador in a few days. It is not like calling in well, but sort of.

    SN3 was pretty darn cute. One of these days, you need to share a more current pic.

    1. I don't have a more recent pic, unfortunately. The last time I got a photo was prolly five years ago, or more. He's a BIG boy now, about two inches taller than me and at least 50 pounds heavier, too.

      You're taking the laptop to Ecuador, no?

    2. It is suggested on websites not to take electronics into Ecuador do to thieves, but living without technology would be difficult. Maybe the Kindle...


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