Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack: Still Stuck in the '80s

Yaz, from about '82:

now he's in control he is my lover
nations stand against him he's your brother
been a long time, been a long time now
i'll get to you somehow

move out, don't mess around
move out, you bring me down
move out, how you get about
don't make a sound just move out
Ah, yes... just move out. And don't make a sound, please.

In other news... we took Happy Hour on the verandah, mainly coz (a) we went early, before it got too hot and (b) we went outside directly from the shower, leaving our head wet to take advantage of the evaporative cooling that's innit.  That worked, for a while, but our hair was completely and totally dry by the end of our first beer.  Here's why:

No matter... we just wet our head down again as we poured our second beer and continued as we'd begun.  But... that said, we shall remain indoors until such time as the sun dips below the horizon.  It's REALLY hot outdoors.

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