Friday, June 21, 2013

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack: Dangerous

We were semi-dangerous today, seein' as how we got up at oh-dark-thirty (which would be sometime around 0630 hrs) and set out into the world to get stuff done around 0800 hrs, said stuff bein' gettin The Tart her long-promised beauty treatment (a thorough wash 'n' wax), and a run out to Cannon Airplane Patch for to resupply whiskey and victuals.  We did all o' that... in addition to patronizing the local coffee shop... and were home before 1100 hrs, at which time we rewarded our-self with a verandah sit, a couple o' beers, and a fine cigar.  Coz we CAN.  So anyhoo... we heard this tune on our way out to Cannon:

I'm a Danger Man from a dangerous city
And I lead a very dangerous life
I got a dangerous car, goes dangerous speeds
And very dangerous wife
I got 16 or 17 dangerous girlfriends
Not counting one or two
Look out kid you don't want to get hit
I'm dangerous to you
You better look out 

(full lyrics here: they're good!)
I don't have any David Bromberg in my music collection but I just might have to remedy that oversight.  This tune made me laugh right out loud as I listened to it, in addition to striking a small chord in my black lil heart.  I might coulda been dangerous at one time or another in the way-back... given as how I lived in Dee-troit for ten years, owned a few dangerous cars, drove dangerous speeds, and most definitely had a dangerous wife and a few dangerous girlfriends, once upon a time.  And then there are the mo'sickles and no truly dangerous man can be without same.  Yeah, we qualified.

These days?  Not so much.  But we still can dream, eh?


  1. At this point in my life, dreams and memories serve me well.
    The neat part Buck, is that we did all of that crazy stuff and made it out alive!

    1. I hear ya about bein' well-served at this point; I'm the same way. And yeah, sometimes I marvel at how lucky I am to have survived all that stuff.


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