Saturday, June 29, 2013

Broadening Our Horizons (X4), Episode LXIX

We made a trip down to our local likker locker day before yesterday for to replenish the barley pop section of our Fridge O' Many Charms and were greeted in the parking lot by big-ass signs advertising O'Dell's Summer Sampler.  "Well, cool," sez I, "I think I'll pick one of those up."  And we did.  Here's what's in that 12-pack:

A couple o' days have passed and I've sampled all four of the beers... Loose Leaf (a session or saison beer), 90 Shilling Ale (an amber ale), St. Lupulin (a very hoppy pale ale), and their IPA (which is about par for the course for that genre) (there are great lil videos about the beers at a couple o' those links, btw)... which I've listed in order of my preference, the latter two bein' tied for dead last.  I'm not an IPA fan in that I don't like hoppy bitterness to overpower the malt flavor in my beer.  It goes without sayin' that your mileage may vary, the corollary bein' taste is ALL in our mouths.

So, that said... I really like the Loose Leaf and the 90 Shilling but I won't be buyin' another of these 12-packs... mainly coz I don't care for half of the contents.  I'm hopin' against hope my likker locker will stock the 90 Shilling but when the Loose Leaf is gone... it's gone, seein' as how it's an experimental brew and is only available in the summer 12-packs.  I hate it when that happens, mainly coz Loose Leaf is a damned near perfect summer brew (I'm drinkin' one right now, as we speak).

Oh, well.  It's always sumthin'.


  1. One of the mountain inns that we are considering in Ecuador advertises on their website that if you bring beer, the inn keeper will trade you two for one beers.

    1. That sounds like a helluva deal. Take a 12-pack of Coors Light and see what you get in return. ;-)

  2. I never much cared for those variety packs
    Must be my conservative nature

    Did a tasting thing at <a href="'>Mendocino Brewing</a> in Hopland once (about 15, or so, years ago) and pretty much rejected everything but their Blue Heron Pale Ale
    Somebody told me they stopped producing it

    1. I checked Mendo's distribution map -- their beers are only available in Santa Fe and that's a bit of a drive just for a beer run. OTOH, it might be worth it to get some of that Imperial Barley Wine Ale. THAT sounds pretty danged tasty!


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