Thursday, June 13, 2013

Broadening, LXVII

We're drinking a new-to-me Belgian ale today... and this brew will be a "one and done" affair. 

The Barley Pop Go-To Guys don't like it very much, either.  A couple o' quotes:
Too processed and clean for a Belgian blonde, sweet to the point of almost being syrupy on the palate. There are other Belgian blond ales that are far superior to this one. Perhaps worth a try if you appreciate the style.
-- Jason
Notes: A very commercial Belgian ale. And, sadly, this beer might be a very good beer if it wasn't so damn clean & filtered -- most Belgian beers are bottled-conditioned. My advice is to skip this beer. It's not the worse, but there are plenty of non-commercial Abbey-style Belgian ales out there to drink.  
It's the sweetness I don't care for, that and a vague "chemical" taste that creeps in as you drink.  I'll finish this six-pack; it's not quite at the "pour it down the drain" level of some brews I've sampled.  But we won't be buying any more.


  1. Ooh ooh ooh, I see an Air Force coffee cup lurking in the shadows!

    Me and Belgian beer get along, but not that stuff!

    1. I see an Air Force coffee cup lurking in the shadows!

      Yup. That's an official ADCOM NCO Academy cup, one of my small treasures.


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