Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Apropos o' Not Much...


H/t to Boston's Enforcer who gets the whole Cindy thing... and O! My! does he EVAH.  I think the East has been the most interesting of the two conference finals so far but I say that from a perspective that positively wallows in schadenfreude.  We get it where we can, yanno?  I'm not ENTIRELY reveling in the Flightless Birds' misery... we do have a sort of soft spot for those Broons.  They are an Original Six team and one of our best Blog-Buds is rooting for them.  So there's that.

That said, I was glad to see El-Eh won last night.  We might have a series out West, after all.


  1. know that I have ZERO interest in hockey posts.

    That being said, I am only commenting because I have finally found a feed reader that claimed to move all my The GoobleReader junk seamlessly to it.

    Looks like it works.

    BTW, that is an extremely queer pitcher.


    Your friend,


    1. So what's the new reader called?

    2. Feedly. And.I.Love.It! Imported all my GoobleReader junk by itself without having to import/export manually in about 3 seconds. Easy to navigate, and free.


      A satisfied customer.

    3. I'll check that out. Tanks.

  2. Rosby! He still has not earned the "C".

    That was a great game last night. I must say that Boston looked pretty pedestrian against the Rangers. Against the Pens they have been impressive.

    Penguins: Small flightless birds with no external genitalia.

    1. Agreed on the great game last evening. It's SO much easier to watch a double-OT game when the Wings aren't involved.


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