Wednesday, May 29, 2013

We Are Annoyed

So, we're back from our whirlwind tour o' the microplex... The Big(ger) CityTM -- Cannon Airplane Patch -- P-Ville... and we can say "Mission Accomplished!" without having to don a flight suit in the process.  Or land on a big-ass boat.  Yes, our eyes have been examined (we passed!  with flying colors, too.), vittles and adult libations have been bought (and put away, even), the car's been gassed, and everything on today's list has been marked off.  Yet we did say we're annoyed.  Why's that?  This:

Today is the fifth consecutive day where our winds have been in excess of 30 mph, steady, with gusts up to and including 50 mph.  Yeah, "so what's new?" you say, Gentle Reader?  Point taken.  You'd think that after living here on The High Plains o' New Mexico for over ten years I'd be used to this krep by now.  It happens every Spring and oftentimes well into summer, as well.  But it's one of those things you never really get used to, no matter how "normal" it is.  It's kinda like livin' in the Northeast and havin' to shovel snow every damned winter.  That may be normal but it sure as Hell ain't no fun.

And the DUST.  Aiiieee!  My air purifier has been working overtime this week as my apartment apparently isn't that well sealed.  I've given up tryin' to stay ahead of the dust accumulating on my black furniture (Good choice, Buck... you idiot.) and will wait until the wind subsides a lil bit until the next time I dust.

(Short parenthetical: I have NO bid'niz bitching about a lil wind.  I could be in Moore and not have a house left.  There's the reality check.)

It's always sumthin'.  But at least I don't have to shovel dust.  Yet.


  1. I too have learned to moderate my bitching with a few reminders of how it could be worse. Oh wait, I think I learned that here!

    Never mind.

    Constant winds of around 30 with gusts to 50 are definitely a PITA. That describes Lil' Rhody for much of the winter.

    1. Winter winds are worse, in that they are freakin' COLD. Go ahead, ask me how I know. ;-)

  2. We are getting the same kind of winds for day on end. I'm pretty sick of it. But we don't have the dust. And I am thankful for that. Of course we are under a tornado watch until 10 PM.

    1. Yeah, the dust really sucks. But it sucks a LOT less than tornadoes.


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