Monday, May 06, 2013

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

Joe Ely...

All the poets they agreed
Spanish is a loving tongue but
She never spoke Spanish to me
Ah, well.  Let's leave that aside, mainly because she DID speak Spanish to me on occasion, most o' which I can't repeat here.  Digressions aside, I've been a big fan o' Mr. Ely for a long long time, dating back to here:

That's a ticket stub from the first time I saw Mr. Ely and it was in London, of all places.  That was also one of the BEST 16 bucks (or so, for me and The Second Mrs. Pennington) I EVER spent.  TSMP and I had first row balcony seats in The Venue and we really rocked out that night.  And so it was that I was hooked... 

The last time I saw Mr. Ely was in Austin in 1999, when he played three nights at one o' Sixth Street's honky-tonks and I was in attendance for all three shows.  Joe was the guy who introduced me to the Austin style o' New Country and I've never looked back.  These days I tend to get my Austin Music fix from Austin City Limits, but there are times when I long to be down on Sixth Street... just cruisin' and boozin'.  It don't get much better than that, Gentle Reader.


  1. Ain't nothin' like the Texas Road-House atmosphere with the right live band!

    1. Roger that, even in London.

  2. My first date with Toby was to the Cotton Club to dance to Joe Ely, who was a regular there back in the day (1976-ish). Thanks for sharing - great memories.


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