Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

The legendary Duane Allman with "Little Martha:"

The Allman Bros are more famous for their southern mix o' blues and boogie but "Little Martha" has always been one o' my favorite Allman tunes.  That said, Leo Kottke does an immaculate cover of the song.

Brother Leo ranks right up there among my favorite guitarists.  I've seen him at least three times and almost always in the smallest o' venues, like small clubs or college theatres.  The man deserves much more fame than he's acquired over the years.

In other news... I'm suffering from my second migraine headache in ten days' time and that really bums me out.  I've suffered migraines since my teenage years and the only good thing I can say about them is they've lessened in severity and frequency as I've grown older.  There was a time when the pain was SO severe that it made me vomit; we thank The Deity At Hand that's not the case today.  These days the aura signalling the onset of a migraine is the worst part... the actual headache is minor.  I hate the aura, coz it renders me nearly blind for as long as it lasts... and that can be the better part o' an hour... but the aura went away about 15 minutes ago.  As for the headache itself?  I've experienced worse when hungover.  I took two Aleves when the aura appeared and things are pretty much right with the world, as we speak.  Still and even, I find it troubling my migraines have reappeared after being gone for so long.

It's always SUMTHIN'.


  1. Dad had migrains like that that were equally severe w. vomiting, etc. He used to lie down in the den w. the lights out--found if he put his thumb under top of eye socket and applied pressure that helped some. Wind and cold seemed to be a factor, as he got a lot of them during early season tennis matches. (Central Illinois can be damed cold and trips to N. Illinois & the Mich schools were always scheduled in May for that reason--hell, as you well know, the buds don't even come out on the trees in Mich until May!) after standing for hours watching his team's dual matches.

    1. I found out last night that SN3 has BAD migraines; according to TSMP he was down for a week with one this past month. No one knows what triggers the things for certain, but TSMP thinks radical temperature changes might have something to do with it.

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  3. LOL, 3-D Porn--now THAT'LL cure a migraine!

  4. The Nuke gets the occasional migraine, they are no laughing matter. Hope you get better soonest. And like VX says, 3-D porn should fix ya right up, or kill ya. What would Nietzsche say I wonder?

    (I got the same 3-D porn comment over at my place. I think they're targeting retired senior noncoms. Because you know how we are.)

    1. ...they are no laughing matter.

      The Nuke has my sympathy; they are no laughing matter, indeed. I'm seriously glad mine have diminished in strength and intensity over the years.

      And I KNOW how we are. ;-)

  5. PS:

    Buck, I forgot to mention that Leo baby is one of my all-time hairy heroes, got lots of his stuff.. And how in the hell did you manage to catch him live THREE times???
    Now I AM jealous..

    1. in re: three times... right place, right time. It helped that when I saw him in the '70s he was playing what had to be called the "C" circuit. I first saw him at Oregon Tech in Klamath Falls, OR around '73 or so, second time in London, third time in OKC.


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