Monday, May 20, 2013

Still More Re-Runs and a Bonus Mini-Rant

Here it is... well past 1430 hrs... and we're still drinkin' our morning coffee and still making the blog rounds.  We've read the overnight mail and there was nuthin' in that worthy of passing on, not even in the daily missives I get from the Air Force Association or the political krep I get from elsewhere. 


The "political krep" seems to be MUCH more crappy than usual, of late.  I'm finding it more and more difficult to manufacture a suitable level of outrage, or at least outrage on a scale that some people and organizations feel I SHOULD.  It's boiled down to this for me: Yes, I know Obama is an asshat.  Yes, I know he shoots himself in the foot, often.  Yes, I know our rights are being trampled upon (visualize an eye-roll here) but I've yet to see a single black helicopter.  About the only thing I can get exercised about at the moment is the pending internet sales tax law and I've written my congress critter (in the House; it's too late for the Senate and my senators are both Donkeys, anyhoo) about that.  It's gotten so bad with me that I've quit reading all exclusively political blogs completely and only skim the political posts my Daily Reads put up.  I'm burnt out.


So there's that and that's about all I've got, aside from a re-run, which is what you'll get, Gentle Reader.  Here t'is:

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


No. No, it ISN'T. Not EVEN. We digress before we've even begun.

(I was tagged) with an interesting sort of meme, to wit:
It’s simple. Just list all the jobs you’ve had in your life, in order. Don’t bust your brain: no durations or details are necessary, and feel free to omit anything that you feel might tend to incriminate you. I’m just curious. And when you’re done, tag another five bloggers you’re curious about.
Famous last words: “Don’t bust your brain.” Heh. This meme is not designed for the semi-elderly or folks that are otherwise memory-challenged... and God Forbid if you should be both. Obviously. But… here goes, as best as I can remember. Unpaid positions are so indicated, in parens.
Dish-washer, vacuum cleaner operator, maker of beds, babysitter… all for a pittance of an “allowance.”
Mower of lawns, leaf-raker, snow-shoveler, car washer… same salary as above.
Paper boy.
Apricot picker.
Landscaper’s apprentice… dispenser of grass seed, wheelbarrow operator, dump truck driver.
College student.
Cook @ Mickey Dee’s.
Basic trainee.
Trade school student. (in a manner of speaking)
Kitchen help… potato peeler, dishwasher, floor mopper, aka “KP.”
Latrine cleaner.
Buffer operator, First Class.
Close-order drill specialist. (the result of many punitive hours on the drill pad)
Radar repairman.
Antenna climber.
Grocery bagger (part time).
Bean field weed picker and other assorted dirty agricultural jobs Americans won’t do (part time).
Tire buster (part time and the only job I’ve ever been fired from).
Radar technician.
Surveillance systems technician. (aka electronic spook enabler on the periphery of the Evil Empire)
Motorcycle racer wannabee. (amateur, but I worked damned hard at it) (Photos!)
Radar technician, part deux.
Maintenance control center dispatcher.
Distributor/purveyor of herbal remedies. (part time)
Suicide prevention center counselor. (part time, volunteer; about which: an amusing tale)
Surveillance systems technician, part deux.
Deejay. (volunteer, part time)
Radar technician, yet again. (These positions were many and varied, thus multiple entries)
Engineering/installations team chief (radar).
Bar back.
Brothel inspector, various locations in SE Asia.
Maintenance quality control inspector. (not at ALL related to the entry immediately above. Wait. Check that. Related, but not in the way you might think. You’d be amazed at the wide variety of fuck-ups I encountered.)
Plans and programs manager. (NCOIC).
Classified materials custodian. (Have you ever held your breath for three years straight, Gentle Reader?)
Public affairs NCO, news release writer, photographer.
Editor, “The Visiting Fireman’s Guide to the Best Pubs Around RAF Uxbridge and Vicinity.”
Researcher for the above publication.
Motorcycle safety instructor. (part time, volunteer)
Proxy parent. (volunteer)
Staff weenie.
College student, part deux. (on the VA dole)
Small scale farmer… or maybe large scale gardener. (kinda like Chance)
Telecommunications specialist.
Technical writer.
Proposal writer.
Proposal team leader/manager.
Telecommunications engineer.
Software development/service management/service reporting manager.
Lamaze coach. (At age 52… Aiiieeee!)
Vagabond, two-lane blacktop edition. Coast to coast and border to border.
Staff weenie, operations policies and procedures.
IT Operations Manager; IT Operations Director.
Retiree. (BEST job I’ve EVER had)
Blogger (we use the term quite loosely).
And there ya have it… a checkered career, if there ever was one.
Feel like listing YOUR work experience, Gentle Reader?  I'm all ears...

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