Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Broadening, LXV

Cue up Martha... summer's HERE and it's oh-so-sultry outdoors.  We won't be dancin' in the streets but we will have a couple o' these:

That would be a Sierra Nevada Summerfest, last year's edition.  We didn't notice we were drinkin' OLD beer until we posed the bottle and went WTF?  I have to say the beer keeps well and it still tastes very good... light and refreshing as all get-out.  The Bros like it, too.
T&M- Crispness is beyond belief, so refreshing. Clean but dry malty palate, hint of lemon in the spicy hop character that lends a nice bitter bite. Touch of herbal hop and grain husk middle to end, finishes quite dry.

D- Give one of these to a macro drinking friend and see what happens. I could easily go through a few on a hot summer day.
Yeah... what he said about the "hot summer day."  It's 93 wonderful degrees out on the verandah, as we speak.  Which is where I'll be just as soon as I hit "publish."



  1. That's one of my favorites, Buck.

    Martha's my cousin, ya' know...

    1. How'd that cousin thing happen?

    2. We don't talk about it much...

  2. Toby likes Sierra Nevadas, and it sounds like something I would like too. It has been sultry here. This morning I went to exercise with my lady friends. One of them remarked that it was "sultry." I thought her choice of words was interesting. I had used the word "sticky," but then I'm kind of simple.

    1. Sierra Nevada is a lot like New Belgium for me, in that I've never met one I DIDN'T like.

      "Sultry" is one of my favorite words... I use it a lot to describe wimmen that appeal to me. If it fits, of course.


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