Tuesday, May 07, 2013

A Vignette

I was over at my gun shop in Clovis earlier today, on account o' because Debbie rang me up this morning and told me they'd received a shipment o' ammunition and did I still want some?  Well, yes, sez I, I'll be right over.  And so we saddled up and hied our old ass over to Clovis to do what must be done...

So, there we were, doin' a lil bit o' browsing after purchasing what we came to buy, when we heard a lil bit o' conversation that took place between Debbie and two uniformed Air Force types, one TSgt and one SSgt.  To wit...
Debbie:  Thank you.  It's always a pleasure to do bid'niz with Air Force guys, even if we don't like your Commander-in-Chief.
TSgt:  He might be my Commander-in-Chief but he sure as Hell ain't my PRESIDENT.
SSgt:  Yeah, me too.
Debbie: (laughs) Well, he sure as Hell ain't MY president!
At least five other customers, including me:  He ain't MY president, either!  (That would be everyone in the store.)
God, but I love living amongst kindred souls.


  1. The gun store in Duncan is always packed with folk on Saturday morning when Toby and I drop by to get whatever ammo is available. They have the same feelings about the President as Clovis gun folk.

    On FB my liberal friend posted a poster of Obama as a zombie target. The caption said that these targets were sold at the NRA convention. Yep, that is what some folks think of O. If you would like, I can email you the poster.

    1. If you would like, I can email you the poster.

      Please. I could prolly google it, but... I'm lazy.

  2. With some real backbone, maybe Benghazi coverup will help remove the Incompetent In Chief so none of us will have him as President.

    Hey, I can dream can't I?

    1. I'm afraid it's just a dream, OG.


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