Friday, April 05, 2013

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

Bobby D...

Nothing was delivered
And I tell this truth to you
Not out of spite or anger
But simply because it’s true
Now, I hope you won’t object to this
Giving back all of what you owe
The fewer words you have to waste on this
The sooner you can go
This, by way of explanation, from a recent e-mail exchange with my cigar dealer (said in the kindest possible terms):
Buck Pennington 
4:11 PM (22 hours ago)

to Tim
Hey Tim,

I'm just back from the PO and the postmaster says he thinks he knows where that shipment is, but he'll have to break into one of his mailboxes to get it.  The long and short of it is he suspects my cigars were delivered to 16th Street, vice 17th Street.  I'll know more later today, according to the postmaster.

As for your last... the one before this note... where you said:

Damn, Buck I’m so sorry.  Please keep me posted.  I’ll make this right I promise.

This isn't YOUR fault.  Stuff happens, yanno?  Hopefully I'll have my cigars in hand by the close o' PO bid'niz today.  But, to answer your question... Yes.  I DID like those Liga Privadas. 

Best Regards,
That would be about my latest shipment o' cigars, which the USPS said was delivered this past Saturday but wasn't... and is still not delivered, as we speak.  I suppose I'll have to make a THIRD trip to the post office for more excuses.  In the meantime our stash is down to three cigars and it's gonna be a near-run thing for my latest resupply to make it here before we do a Mother Hubbard impression.
There's this, too, since we're pissin' and moanin':
It may be warm outside but I'd have to wear goggles to keep blowin' dust outta my eyes if I were to take Happy Hour on the verandah.  I can't seem to find those goggles, so I guess we'll remain indoors.

It's always sumthin'.


  1. What IS it with the post office lately. The Oracle and I have had 2 packages lost in the past 3 weeks with no meaningful help from the PO. Said they'd call back, which they never did. They are small things that can be easily reordered (certainly not an order of cigars or something expensive like that) but it's the principle of it all. Grrrr...

    1. I have NO ideer, Kris. My PO is usually pretty good, but certainly not in this case.


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