Saturday, April 20, 2013



We're all about Happy Endings here at EIP, and that one was pretty happy.  It sure didn't start out that way, though.  Poor kid.  Apropos o' nuthin', here's what our Brit friends at the Usual Source o' these things have to say:
Isn't it amazing that you can try to indoctrinate kids into appreciating a favourite sport - but sometimes they just don't get it! Take this little lad, given a prime seat for a top baseball game. He manages to get the match ball after a foul shot – and then throws it back again. Just look at the reaction from the rest of the family …
Two peoples, separated by a common language.

OTOH, there's this:

Pretty clever, albeit with too much emphasis on very recent times (YMMV, of course).  I think that chick is prolly a great swimmer, too.


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