Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Congrats, Ladies!

The American women's hockey team took home the gold in the 2013 Women's World Hockey Championships Tuesday, beating Team Canada 3-2.  From the Globe and Mail:
For the Canadians, the loss, which came with a silver medal, dropped them to a still-impressive 14-8-0 record against USA in such competition. The Canadians have also won the last three Olympic gold medals, whereas the Americans took the first, when women’s hockey was first admitted to the Winter Games back in 1998.

As a prelude to Sochi next year, this week in Ottawa serves as a good foreshadowing for the next Olympics.


Both teams know they will meet – they outdistance the competition as diamonds to cut glass – and the U.S.-Canada games are always hard fought and intense.
Here's Amanda Kessel's game-winning goal:

That was a slick move around the Canadian defender and an absolute BULLET of a shot!

I'm looking forward to Sochi.  We've always been a big supporter of women's hockey here at EIP, and not only because of the game.  You go, Ladies!


  1. I like women playing hockey, and I like to watch too.
    Especially this year, being in Calgary and being witness to the home town effort.

  2. ... being in Calgary and being witness to the home town effort.

    I've been following the Flames' soap opera and it ain't pretty. OTOH, things ain't so great for my Wings, either, what with bein' on the playoff bubble. Watching them play this year is quite painful at times.


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