Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack and A Minor Case o' Setting the Record Straight

This piece by Wolfgang always speaks to me o' Spring...

It's very Spring-like today... 71 degrees, light breezes, and bright sunshine... which makes Happy Hour on the verandah a given and further makes a Happy Hour soundtrack in this vein a necessity.  But there's a fly in our ointment when it comes to Happy Hour, which revolves around this:

That would be a New Belgium Lips o' Faith Super Cru, which is described by the brewers thusly:
Our 20th Anniversary! Let's roll a bunch of New Belgium together and put it in a bottle. Start with the backbone of Fat Tire, but double the malt and hops; Add in crisp Asian Pears, a very Belgian thing to do; and bring it to life with a Saison yeast.
Well, New Belgium... nice try but no cigar HERE. The Bros give the beer an 80, YrHmblScrb gives it significantly less.  Mayhap I let the beer sit in the fridge too long (like a year or so), or perhaps it's the 10% ABV that kinda-sorta offends my sensibilities on this day.  None the less, what you see in the pic is what was left after about 20 minutes o' sipping on the verandah The remainder in both glass and bottle was remanded to the sink, after which we poured ourselves a 966.

As for setting the record straight?  I'm on the record as having never met a beer from NB that I didn't like.  I stand corrected.  Stuff happens, no?


  1. I've always been kinda partial to Eine Kleine Nachtmusik.
    Thanks for the rest of the show.

  2. Very nice music, but it doesn't seem like spring here in TN. It was 29 last night and there's frost on the pumpkin (if we had a pumpkin) this A.M.

    As for the beer, I'm thinkin' it could be that 10% ABV, but I'm not sure because I don't know exactly what that level of ABV tastes like. The highest ABV allowed here in the buckle of the Bible belt is 6%. In keepin' with those spiritual sensibilities, however, I do like the name of the beer.

    1. Today is gonna be even BETTER, WX-wise! As for the beer... I just might not have been in the proper mood. That said, I thought it was some nasty stuff.

      TN is better than Utah where beer is concerned... anything over 3.2% is prohibited in Utah. Except on Air Force bases, with the predictable fall-out o' friends sayin' "Hey! Could you pick me up some beer while you're out at the base?" Or so I've heard.


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