Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patrick's Day

We're not Irish, we don't drink green beer (and have NEVER done so), I don't have a single green garment in my wardrobe (I used to have a green tie, though), there's no Guinness in the fridge, nor is there any Jameson in the likker locker.  All that said, I found this article to be reasonably interesting and topical, as is this graphic I stole from the link:

I wouldn't have thought Roosevelt County to be as green as it is.  That was kinda-sorta surprising.

Happy St. Paddy's Day if you celebrate that sorta thing.

Update, 1215 hrs:  I lied.

I DO own sumthin' green in the garment dept.; I'm wearing that sweatshirt as we speak.


  1. Look at us all huddled in the east there, like we don’t want to move too far from the homeland.

    Marched in my third consecutive St. Patty’s parade this year on Sat. Though never was big on celebrating the day since I’m (half) Irish all year (carry an Irish surname so folks assume I’m full Mick) and it’s for the amateurs. I got my professional drinking license years ago.

    Good time indeed. Hell, how could it not be, it’s with the local brewery!

    Though last year it was 45 degrees warmer, 75 versus 30. Brrrrr….

    1. Well, good on ya for marchin' in 30 degree weather. I've done that before and it ain't no fun (and I'm sure you had before Saturday too). It amazes me that Roosevelt and Monroe counties seem to be the same shade o' green. Srsly.

  2. Closest I get is Scots-Irish (Mcgrath) on my Father's Mother's side. New Orleans has a large Irish pop and and several parades (some in Quarter, some Uptown) as well as muy LARGE neighborhood street bashes. Some 8-50 thousand (depending on whose doing the counting, Wiki settles on 20 ) Irish died of yellow fever/Malaria digging the New Basin (shipping) Canal connecting Lake Pontchartrain to what is now the CBD near Rampart St & Howard in the 1830s. They used the Irish because slaves were too valuable, lol. ( Much of that route is now the Pontchartrain Expressway/I-10 There is a large marble Celtic Crioss commemoprating those who dies out near the lakefront in a small park offf West End Blvd.) .

    1. I ALWAYS enjoy yer lil vignettes, Virgil. Srsly.


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